1. flip889

    Released Tutorial: how to do odef flares (flares on map objects)

    flares are usually seen on vehicles, but they could also be on map objects like those on the community map those flares are added in the .odef file & it's been a feature for a while, but there have been no docs for them so far here's what the syntax looks like: pointlight x, y, z, dirx, diry...
  2. Will

    Solved Flare View Issue

    Hi, I am adding flares to a light bar that I recently modeled, and I am having the following issue. (I am using flares2) The flare changes size when the camera is moved, and when you are looking at the front of the car, it disappears completely. [1/20/20, fixed] The flares2 line: 117, 116...
  3. AgentV12

    Cushman Industrial Truck 1.1

    This file has been uploaded to the repository, but there is more information. From the original repository description: This is the original Cushman HD by Racer159. All I did was slap PoLi's locking system onto the bed of this thing. At some point I may give it mesh wheels, but for now, what...