1. JR16

    Airborne Skipper 2

    The Skipper is the first in a line of many ramps and fun items to come from Airborne Industries. It's a small ramp designed for cars and light trucks. Simply spawn it, move your cursor up to the menu at the top, select it under your name in the vehicles tab to get in it, and use backspace to...
  2. AgentV12

    Cushman Industrial Truck 1.1

    This file has been uploaded to the repository, but there is more information. This is the original Cushman HD by Racer159. All I did was slap PoLi's locking system onto the bed of this thing. At some point I may give it mesh wheels, but for now, what you see is what you get. Enjoy!
  3. AgentV12

    Austin Mini Resurrected 1.3

    This is simply an update to dhymers' Austin mini. All credit goes to dhymer. I just simply pieced it back together. TO DO LIST Create skin files for the liveries Add minipics Flares create description and author section Fix materials (how did those break?!)