1. KGM

    Map idea?

    I know BeanNG has a map that looks like you're driving in the miniature world. Driving between grass and clover size. Can or has someone made a map like this yet?
  2. KGM

    Can I have a favor from someone?

    Can someone find me and attach the zip file for the map called "Portland 2012" and "minniapolis 2001"? Thanks
  3. Matthews Legend

    I found an old site for RoR mods (forgotten)

    Hey guys, i found an old site for RoR mods, probably forgotten, with several old mods where i could download several vehicles, on some pages i even found maps too. I will go provide the link here:
  4. Careful_Driver

    Beta Greenfield International Airport 0.4.1 Hotfix

    This Map features a big airport with currently 3 useable runways, including the longest runway in Rigs of Rods at around 4500 meters. Also featured are a monorail track between the 2 terminals, a lot of parking lots and multiple highways. Please keep in mind that this map is under active...