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Roof Rack for Squishy's Jeep Cherokee

Roof Rack for Squishy's Jeep Cherokee 1.0-a

This is part of a few files I found when cleaning out my old computer from when I used to play Rigs of Rods. Hopefully they all work for you.

This roof rack for Squishy's Jeep Cherokee was made back in the hay day before BeamNG.Drive was released and I figured instead of it never seeing the light of day again I'd upload it here for anyone to enjoy.

I designed it to fit Squishy's Jeep Cherokee, Instructions for both the managedmaterials and the placement for Squishy's Jeep (search the archived repository for "squishyjeep") are included in the readme file in the zip. It is the final version I will be releasing as I do not have time to test and modify it anymore.

The thread for my parts is located here.

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