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'Desperado' Rock Bouncer Buggy

'Desperado' Rock Bouncer Buggy 2020-01-11

'Desperado' Rock Bouncer Buggy
Author - Hemiboy

Original Thread Link

- Lockers (W)
- Custom sounds
Flexbody Tires
- Skinzip with 4 additional colors

Known Issues
- Stationary vehicle starts to slide on some surfaces when brakes are applied. (Fixed in 0.4.8.)
- I have had it occasionally reset to home on hitting some surfaces too hard.
- Tube clips under default FOV. Hemiboy designed the camera position with his FOV (65 or lower).

For those who want separate rear wheel steer, 0xsergy provided this code in post #16 of the original thread. (Now included)

(I tested the file out in, updated the meshes and fixed minor errors in the truck file, mostly typos.)
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First release
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More files from Takanix

Latest updates

  1. Fixes

    Fixes - Changed stereo sounds to mono - Added skinzip into the main zip, no longer two files to...
  2. Reverted Back to Original for version 0.4.8

    Removed the temporary fix for the brakes and flexbody wheels since they are now fixed in version...
  3. Oops. Reuploaded

    I accidentally deleted the skinzip with the last update, so I re-uploaded it. I guess I don't...

Latest reviews

Really good! Although i like the rear stearing on the bouncer, It tends to bend the wheel to the point it cant move back to the origin spot. But you have thankfully put a option for it! Thanks again. - sadsugar12 sorry for the bad grammer im 13
Very good off-road buggy! It's very very good with a bumpy trial, also the name! It's impatient but in spanish thanks for this amazing mod!