1. Uploaded from Archives

    Kenworth Trial Truck 11/5/2022

  2. 4x4convoy

    ProtoFab RockSolid™ Front Bumpers for Stoat's 92 Fords 1.0

    These are 4 different front bumpers that were modeled after the ones that can be found on ProtoFab's website for Stoat's 92 fords from the F-Series Pack The bumpers are using a Warn XD9000i winch, an Astra Depot Hawse Fairlead, and some generic amazon shackles. All of which were modeled by...
  3. Tahaksaw

    Kaleway H315

    2020's baja truck, outfitted for civilian use. Mods are always welcomed, but please upload them here first so others can test them out.
  4. Lenni

    Beta Desert Rally Map 1

    A desert Rally Map. It is actually quite old, but as the races are working again now I'm releasing this. Maybe someone can fix the terrain textures, it used to work on older RoR versions, the files are still included. Maybe someone can enhance the race scripts, there is a speed trap file...
  5. Uploaded from Archives

    VW Type 181 "Thing" 10/14/2019

    Originally made for the 10-Day Trail Truck Build-Off. Changes from the original release: Added 6x6 version Completed submesh, added ties - Bed is now usable Added command descriptions + Remove engine requirement Fixed stalling Included (most..) extra skins Lots of other minor improvements...
  6. AgentV12

    Unimog U5000 1.1

    This is a mod made by VeyronEB of the Unimog Dakar. I have updated it with features from the Unimog Dakar, along with very minor prop adjustments.

    Trinity Buggy 3/20/2019

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
  8. PoLi

    Winch anchor 2019-03-20

    extend a winch cable first then spawn anchor with a bot stnading on hook and facing vehicle
  9. Blazinator

    66 Chevy Truggy 2019-02-09

    1966 Chevy Truggy: designed for 0.36-0.38 tested and works fine for 0.47-0.48. Seems the overall scale maybe a little off but all around a decent rig to mess around with. It's not finished but I don't plan on doing much of anything else to it. Use it on R.O.R as you wish but do not upload to any...
  10. Takanix

    'Desperado' Rock Bouncer Buggy 2020-01-11

    'Desperado' Rock Bouncer Buggy Author - Hemiboy Original Thread Link Highlights - Lockers (W) - Custom sounds - Flexbody Tires - Skinzip with 4 additional colors Known Issues - Stationary vehicle starts to slide on some surfaces when brakes are applied. (Fixed in 0.4.8.) - I have had it...