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SEAT Ibiza

SEAT Ibiza 3/25/2022


Hello all, here are some new features included with this update:
  • Engine sounds have had their volume reduced
  • Skins! Both versions of the SEAT Ibiza now enjoy a range of 9 colors in all: Copper, Purple, Topaz Blue, Bengal Yellow, Kiwi Yellow, Lapis Lazuli Blue, Ebony Black, Alpine White, and Tornado Red. These were all included with the original mod but were never made into skins.
  • Speedometer and tachometers recalibrated. I tried to get them to read as accurately as I could.
  • Braking force reduced. Before the braking force was possibly a bit excessive, making for an uneven driving experience.
  • Exhaust fixed and restored.
Hope you all enjoy!