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"Test1" Terrain

"Test1" Terrain 1/19/2019

IMPORTANT NOTE: Requires at least RC2 if you use PSSM! The last texture layer will be missing on

"test1" terrain by ashes48, converted to 0.4 with full PSSM (shadows) support.


  • @ashes48 + Various others - Original terrain
  • @only_a_ptr - Custom terrain material code, this wouldn't of been possible without it!
  • @derbymutt - Adding PSSM support to the alpha splatting material
  • @Charger - Tip on adding Gaussian blur to the blendmaps, smooths texture edges
  • @CuriousMike (Myself) - Everything else
Don't complain that your computer can't run this at a decent frame rate!
I do not plan on adding FPS versions.
ashes48, CuriousMike, derbymutt, Charger, only_a_ptr
First release
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5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest reviews

Great!, to all those people having framedrops and performance issues, just turn the View range to 519 or lower it helps a ton! and you can also turn Realtime reflections off or decrease the Update time of Reflections
This map made my PC struggle a bit.Usually my pc runs 30s and 40s but this took mine down to between 7 and 20/
This map has a lot of space to drive and I really like it.
:) I like this map a lot.