Thomas Saf-T-Liner HDX

Thomas Saf-T-Liner HDX 1.4

Great bus, though the display and other displays won't turn on if the bus is respawned with the ignition off.
I´ve had this mod for over 2 years, and cant get enough of it! its really my main bus as my bus used to be a flat hood bus, or that´s what I call them. haha.
I love this bus, I love how you think about users with older/slower devices. I just wanna say that with something this good there are flaws. One the gear shift screen is on when the bus is not on. That means you have to spam X to get it to align properly.
Great bus, though it may have a Thomas C2 gauge cluster, and the switches seem to be off a bit, it still works great and drives well.
Amazing bus. But, the controls arent on center in the front of the bus so i cant see if my reds or ambers are on.
This is so awesome but even though the buttons are messed. It is perfect.
It drives perfect!
Good Bus, but the interior buttons are broken. If you fix this issue, the bus will be perfect.
great vehicle, found out how to fix a problem that was on it
Awesome interior, the gauges and gear indicator are amazingly done. Drives great, too. Cool camera angles.
Im am happy about this bus way better than the other buses :)
One of my favorite buses to drive on Rigs of Rods. Excellent work.
A solid bus.
good bus
best bus ever
Hi... Ive downloaded this pack before, but after the 4.7.0 update, the bus wheels has gone white, there is no sound, and the amber and stop lights dont work anymore. I was wondering why because I downloaded it and redownloaded it, and it is still the same thing.
Even though I'm not a fan of flat nose buses, this bus is extremely detailed and very well made. Awesome job! Just a suggestion, if you have time, you should make an improved version of your 1st gen vision since nobody has made one that's realistic. I'd drive it all the time :)
This is a very excellent mod that is fun to play around with. First off, this is a fairly detailed model, where even the seats look realistic. Next the bus deforms in a fairly realistic way, which looks excellent. If other large vehicles were like this bus, it would be awesome!
Great mod! There's lots of detail, and it runs smoothly, even on a generations-ago laptop processor with integrated graphics! It's well constructed, and the code looks very well made. Overall a very fun vehicle to interact with.