1. Gibbzy

    WIP - Beta Released '87 Yamaha YFZ350 Banshee

    Releasing an 9 years old banshee mod made by Brkillpack (AKA Brett) and jaw-4 (mrsteakpotato) n/b wheel and tire lines original creator that i have been reworking some time ago, started working on this mod at the beginning of this month (november 06th), and so fortunately i have successfully...
  2. Charger

    Tricart 1

    Tricart The first three-wheeled ATV, produced in the 1970's by the Sperry Rand corporation, the Tricart along with its little brother, the Tricub proved themselves to provide a unique and fun riding experience. With the engine mounted in the rear and a low-slung rider position, you can achieve...
  3. Charger

    Coot 1.1

    The Coot can get you anywhere you need to go, whether it be working on the farm or bashing up the trails. With its articulating hull it ensures maximum traction at almost any angle. Features: Fully animated props (steering wheel, gearshift, tachometer, ignition key) Flexbody tires Custom...
  4. Charger

    Max IV 6x6 3/17/2019

    One of the only Amphibious ATVs available for RoR. Credits: @Charger (me) - Model, N/B, textures @Venomox - Tire/rim models, reference pictures Features: Detailed and accurate model Realistic engine and gearing setup Ropable nodes Flotation Flares Realistic sounds