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  1. Zephyr

    WIP Boeing 747-8

    Hello everyone, I think it's about time for me to post this. This is the Boeing 747-8 I've been working on for months(excluding my hiatus from RoR). As my 2nd airplane mod, I've corrected some mistakes that I did with the Boeing 777. I also learned new stuff about airplanes and with that, I was...
  2. Uploaded from Archives

    Boeing CH-47 Chinook Version 1.2b

    Pack contains 3 Helicopters: - SAR Version - Logging Version - Aviation Version ( feature reduced and high FPS for small comps and multiplayer ) Credits go to Box5Diesel and adeodat for various contributions, please check the ingame T-Screen How to lift off, fly and pick up a load...READ THIS...
  3. Zephyr

    Boeing 777-300ER Skin pack 2

    This is a skin pack @Careful_Driver and I created for the Boeing 777-300er I made. The skin pack includes all 777-300er operators. If anyone's interested what's in the skinzip atm, here's a list. Special liveries and alliances will also be added soon.
  4. Zephyr

    On Hold Boeing 777-300ER

    Hey guys, I've been making a Boeing 777 since last week. It will feature alot of things so it might take some time to be released. @Max98 is making the n/b and he's trying to make it realistic as possible. @Careful_Driver and I will provide all 777 operator skins. Here are some pics:
  5. Careful_Driver

    Boeing 767 Skin Pack N-1.0

    This skin pack adds more than 100 skins to the Boeing 767 by Box5. Featured skins: - Most major current or past operators of the 767, like United, Delta, ANA, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and more! - Many non-operators like Ryanair, Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Korean Air, Malaysia...