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Boeing CH-47 Chinook

Boeing CH-47 Chinook Version 1.2b

Lifter Box5Diesel Adeodat
Pack contains 3 Helicopters:

- SAR Version
- Logging Version
- Aviation Version ( feature reduced and high FPS for small comps and multiplayer )

Credits go to Box5Diesel and adeodat for various contributions, please check the ingame T-Screen

How to lift off, fly and pick up a load...READ THIS FIRST

- you can always see a help-chart by pressing and holding F4 in pilots view ( SAR and Logger only )
- you can get a better overview by pressing F3 once in pilots view, released by pressing F4 once ( SAR and Logger only )

Enter the helicopter

Press the Parking Break
ctrl (strg) Pos1: Fire up all engines simultaneously
ctrl (strg) Page up: Maximum Power to all engines
Page down once, you overpower it and please reduce it by 1 click, only use the BOOST for extreme Load lifting, it will stress the rotor-heads to the absolute maximum they can withstand. If the AOA - Inidicators is permanently OVER 15 ( the red marker ), you need a parachute

..wait until engines reach green area... 96 RPM (%)

gently apply F1 until the Helicopter lifts off

Arrow key UP: Accelerate/forward flight: Nose down ..watch your height and apply more lift if needed (F1)
Arrow key Down: Breaking/reverse flight: Nose up, reduce lift for some time not to gain too much height (F2)

Z/X (Y/X) :Turning, will do a pivot in hover mode that needs minor corrections not to drift / accelerate...just watch the virtual horizon Will bank and turn in forward flight faster then 30 knots, additional nose down + banking = higher turn ratio..

Arrow keys Left/Right: Strafing while hovering, Banking left/right in forward flight


1. Picking up a load

Land close to a load with ONE ropable, best placed in top center
Press O to shoot out the tie
Wait for the tie to move the hook sideways
Apply rope to let the tie pull the node to the ropable at the load (F5)
When tie stops working, lock the hooknode (L) and then release the tie (O)
Apply more rope to get some maneuver space for the heli

-> Start, center the heli over the load, climb slowly, correct against the weight of the load and lift it off (F1)
- Pull the load close to the heli with F6 to fly and gain control

Releasing it is easy: L to drop it, F6 and then L to place it

You can lift and fly 13 tons, don't go too fast or the rotor-head will deform permanently and you need a parachute instantly

2. Rollon Loads: (SAR and Logger only)

Drive in a car with 5 (!) ropables, one on each edge and one in the center.
Park in the middle of the Helicopter, activate Parking brake, switch of the engine, leave the car
Enter the helicopter, Press "O" to tie the car down. It needs to be really centered in the helicopter, weight balancing is vital for flight characteristics.

Have fun...Lifter

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