1. iburing

    Toei bus Livery for the Fenton11 1.0

    Graysonk95's Fenton 11 of Toei bus Livery. That is The most famous bus in Japan. Do have fun with them.
  2. sievert

    Racing Liveries for the Dodge Viper GTS 1

    So far this pack only includes three liveries. Yes, so far. I plan to make more in the future (looks back at the G2X skins and Sportster skins). #44 Michelin Racing #20 Dodge Racing #32 Castrol Racing (whaddya mean it's ripped from the JGTC Supra?!)
  3. sievert

    Rigs of Rods Transit Commission Liveries for the Fenton 11 1.0

    A couple of skins for Graysonk95's Fenton 11 of a fictional transit company known as the Rigs of Rods Transit Commission (RTC). I just decided to make these out of nowhere. Firstly, there's this one, the standard livery. It is inspired by the Toronto Transit Commission's current bus livery. Not...
  4. sievert

    Famous Rally Liveries for the DI Sportster 390C

    So I recently found that without the keyboard steering speed coupling, the DI Sportster suddenly became a really nice rally car to drive. That gave me an idea. The included liveries were nice and all, but I wanted a real-life livery on the car. So I got to work and came up with a couple of rally...
  5. sievert

    Fictional Rally Liveries for the Gavril G2X

    Title says it all. These are (for now) a couple of fictional rally liveries for, well, any trim of the Gavril G2. I just chose the G2X because it's the most appropriate of the trims. I will create more of these liveries in the future. Here's the liveries on my rally-spec G2S, the G2SR...