1. only_a_ptr

    TerrnBatcher: an in-game tool to boost terrain FPS

    Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to the TerrnBatcher, a script with the ability to reduce batch count (thus boosting FPS) in just a few clicks. Our maps have large FPS issues due to the fact we use hundreds low-poly meshes with hundreds of individual materials containing simple...
  2. ThatMercedesGuy93

    Modding Question

    Hello! I need help with 3 things, if anyone can try to explain how in simple standards, I would be happy! 1. how do I lower a vehicles suspension? 2. How do I alter a Vehicles drivetrain? 3. (kind of going off #1: ) How do I Lift a cars suspension, if it is different to lowering, and does...
  3. TankurfaceJr

    TankurfaceJr's Thread

    This is my public thread for my mod-making and my projects! Check back every day for updates! SPEAKING OF UPDATES: First Release: 1987 Ford Festiva! The car has a 1.3L Inline 4 Engine, which makes approximately 58 hp. Of course, the scale needs to be adjusted, but it's showing up. Not sure...
  4. NotMopar

    questions about the default steering wheel

    so i have some questions about the default steering wheel in rigs of rods. its the steering wheel that is a 4 spoke grey steering wheel with RoR logo on it. some mods (1st gen dodge, chevy g20, etc) use this wheel. where is the location of this wheel in the programs files? can i replace the...
  5. J

    I'm going to try to build a 2013 Ford Flex

    I'm going to try to make a Flex. Would anyone like to help with scripting/skins/sounds? I've never made a vehicle so it would be much appreciated. (i edited it because the flex has less curves and seems a bit simpler than the supra)
  6. Miggy

    Carlos' Aftermarket Parts

    WELCOME TO MY THREAD Hello, I will be posting my aftermarket parts for Rigs of Rods. [UPDATES] *A .pdn skin template has been added into the Enkei TS5 zip folder for people who want to personalize the rim with their desired color. Enkei TS5 Wheels Download (Instructions included in the .zip...