1. Playah

    Rods News

    This is a news thread in which you can post the events from MP into news format! Note that only MP is allowed. Also no stolen mods. Template:  Headline Author Username: Date: MP Server: The actual news itself Pictures:
  2. Playah

    Broken Multiplayer

    So I was just playing in multiplayer except I was the only one moving. There were people in the server but they moved like images, sometimes even making the vehicles stretched. Idk If its an internet issue or a multiplayer issue.
  3. Jett G


    I have made threads on here before about the RoR Server Setup Process, but I have been running into issues I never had. I have been fighting tooth and nail for weeks now to see if I could diagnose the issue before creating this thread. So anyway my Power went out a couple of months ago and ever...
  4. Harperion6

    What happened to the RoR multiplayer community?

    I don't even think it was 2 years ago when you could hop on RoR and go to some multiplayer servers like Neo Queretaro and find 10-15 players online doing bus routes, emergency roleplay etc.
  5. 2ks93

    Can't join LAN game on same network.

    So I started a local server on my own internet Host: localhost Port: 12000 Password protected However, when my brother tries to join on the same network, same game version, same credentials, he can't join. I can join just fine but his won't work for some reason. The game just says "cannot...
  6. I

    Solved - Why is this car banned?

    Hi. Today I was playing on the Official Any 1 server in multiplayer. When I tried to spawn the Mitsubishi Pajero Overland (from the repository), it told me the car was illegal. The mod works fine on other multiplayer servers, including the official ones. Here's a screenshot: I don't want to...
  7. Trucker Gigi

    Outdated Server check batch file 1.1

    I noticed that my rorserver.exe keeps crashing from time to time. I am not 100% sure if that's a common issue but anyways: I have made a quick script in Batch. You just have to put it in the same folder as the rorserver.exe and StartServer.bat. The code is simple...
  8. Trucker Gigi

    Why can't I use some commands on my server

    So i've launched a inet server and Im using the default commands. I noticed that i cant use commands like !owner;!move;!website. They simply don't output anything. I have filled in the parts, but they're not useabel. I've put the script down below.
  9. I

    Solved Linux RoR 0.4.8-RC5 doesn't work with latest multi-player server 2020.01

    When I try to connect I see "server uses a different protocol version". Should they be able to work together? I cannot yet update to 2020.01 as the Linux build is not yet available (admittedly I could try and build it myself) I went to find the previous 0.4.8 multiplayer server but has the...
  10. Mark

    Does the Multiplayer page no longer show a list of players on each server?

    I used to be able to go on the Multiplayer page and hover my mouse cursor over each server's number of players connected, to see whether someone who I know is playing, and on which server. This was very convenient compared to having to actually join the server to see. Is this no longer a...
  11. Mark

    Multiplayer - is chat window no longer a movable window?

    Is the chat window no longer movable in the new 2020.01 version? It's a lot less intrusive being this transparent, yet it will be an annoyance - popping up in the middle of the screen every few seconds when the server is busy. I sometimes moved it to the right, below the players list, half of...
  12. Mark

    What do the green and red flags mean next to the player names in multiplayer?

    I saw these when playing on multiplayer, searched the forums and google but the only thing that came up was a post on somebody's profile saying "if you see someone with my name but no green flag, it isn't me" What do they mean?