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Server check batch file 1.1

I noticed that my rorserver.exe keeps crashing from time to time. I am not 100% sure if that's a common issue but anyways: I have made a quick script in Batch. You just have to put it in the same folder as the rorserver.exe and StartServer.bat. The code is simple:

wait 5 seconds
check if the server is running
-->If yes
give the information to the user (text output)
-->If no
wait 5 seconds
start server
output message

Suggestion: Run the server first and after that you can launch the servercheck.bat. Now close the server. Keep an eye on the servercheck.bat and wait for the server to be started by the servercheck.bat.
This way you can check if my script works.

I hope that this helps somebody
Trucker Gigi
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