server error

  1. Trucker Gigi

    Why can't I use some commands on my server

    So i've launched a inet server and Im using the default commands. I noticed that i cant use commands like !owner;!move;!website. They simply don't output anything. I have filled in the parts, but they're not useabel. I've put the script down below.
  2. Kotori Habane

    Solved My server doesn't even work.

    My server doesn't detect IP & server name. slots = 70 name = GeminiStorm92 Any terrain = any # ip = port = 25000 mode = inet motdfile = ./config/GeminiStorm92.motd authfile = ./config/GeminiStorm92.auth rulesfile = ./config/GeminiStorm92.rules # owner = GeminiStorm92...