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  1. Uploaded from Archives

    Silja Line skin for the M/V Nordia Express 1

    Silja Line skin for the M/V Nordia Express This is a skin for the M/V Nordia Express ferry that gives it a livery from the well-know Finnish cruiseferry company, Silja Line. It was originally made and released as an entire reskinned boat by Nikes1234; I (@Xploder98) converted it to a skin file...
  2. Fili86RaceFace

    Italian Skins for the M/V Nordia Express 1

    This skinpack is based on numerous reskins of the M/V Nordia Express ferry done by @Fili86RaceFace back in 2014. @Xploder98 and @Darthcain converted those to standalone skins, cleaned them up, and added mini pictures for each. The companies included are: Tirrenia Navigazione Grimaldi Lines...
  3. Uploaded from Archives

    M/V Nordia Express 11/13/2021

    M/V Nordia Express passenger ferry Here it finally is. If not the biggest, at least one of the biggest ships ever built in RoR. It's a 216m long passenger ferry. It doesn't really exist, but it's very similar with these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_class_ferry It's still WIP, but here's...