1. CuriousMike

    Gavril Omega Limousine 3/23/2020

    You've been chauffeured around in your Burnside Limousine for years. But now you want something larger. Something even more impractical. Enter the Gavril Omega Limousine, available now at Rig-A-Deal. This is a limo conversion of the Gavril Omega, originally made back in 2017. Decided to finally...
  2. CuriousMike

    Gavril Omega DET 11/10/2019

    Undercover variant of the Gavril Omega, originally released on the Repository long ago but was removed since it was based on an older version of the Omega. It has been updated with the current version's features plus: Upgraded engine Custom flares Moving antenna Siren Controls: CTRL+1 -...
  3. Uploaded from Archives

    Gavril Omega 11/9/2019

    Part of the Gabester Vehicle Pack. The Omega is an off-road sports sedan. Choose from three versions: Omega Six - ~300 horsepower I6 diesel base model Omega Ten - ~500 horsepower V10 with bigger wheels and lifted suspension Omega Twelve - 600+ horsepower V12 with a lightened chassis...