1. CuriousMike

    Gavril MZ2 Plane 1.0

    The newest entry in my "stupid mods collection", It's an MZ2 with wings from the Skyvan and a jet engine strapped to it. What more could you want? Controls: F1/F2 - Suspension height (raise when landing) 1/2 - Flaps 3/4 - Airbrakes Z/X - Rudder Flying tips: After take off, set the...
  2. Mark

    Re-creating the planes dashboard overlay as a DearIMGUI/MyGUI layout

    This isn't a mod for RoR, this is a proof of concept and a list of what is currently possible, what isn't, and what is broken. I was curious about using custom on-screen-gui-huds with planes, and so wanted to see how difficult it would be to re-create airdashboard.overlay as a DearIMGUI/MyGUI...
  3. Mark

    Unsolved Plane controls occasionally getting stuck when other players spawn vehicles

    So, sometimes, when flying a plane, the controls get stuck when someone spawns a new vehicle. Not always. Maybe 1/20th of the time. Meaning that, while flying around, it will suddenly set the ailerons to their maximum position, causing the plane to roll violently (almost always to the right in...