1. TankurfaceJr

    Gauging Interest

    So I was thinking, it's getting to be summer, at least where I'm at. That means dirt track racing. I have a few buddies of mine and they've got some race cars. Would anyone be into some older race cars, like these?
  2. Lenni

    Beta Desert Rally Map 1

    A desert Rally Map. It is actually quite old, but as the races are working again now I'm releasing this. Maybe someone can fix the terrain textures, it used to work on older RoR versions, the files are still included. Maybe someone can enhance the race scripts, there is a speed trap file...
  3. Uploaded from Archives

    Tuanga Challenge 12/3/2021

    Tuanga Challenge This is Tuanga Challenge, a Death Road-style terrain. A remote village called Tuanga is in need of supplies for the winter ahead; only problem is, it's 14000ft above sea level, and the nearest depot is next to the sea (how convenient). Your "challenge" or "mission", whatever...