1. Gibbzy

    Gibbzy's Preset Config [ReShade 4.7.0] 2021-07-31

    PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A BAD RATING BECAUSE IT RUNS BAD IN YOUR PC! you will need a good dedicated graphics card and a CPU that can keep up. With fully customized source codes (.FH/.FHX) here is a Config for your reshade that tries to mimic some of the features that current graphics engines...
  2. Miggy

    Carlos' ReShade Config 2020.01

    This is my configuration for the ReShade. This is best used in rough terrains like Taiga, Riverbed, Auriga, and the likes. Not sure if it would look good on places like NeoQ but you can try. Just drag and drop it in your Rigs of Rods directory and you'll be good to go. NOTE: You do have to...
  3. akaikitty

    Akai's Reshade Config 2019-03-24

    Normal maxed settings Maxed settings and my Reshade config enabled Note- this config requires a fairly beefy computer. Has a 30% performance impact on my machine. This config has depth of field enabled, and...
  4. Austin

    Austin's Sweet Preset [ReShade 3.1.2] 1.0

    Requires ReShade: ReShade with config for Rigs of Rods 3.1.2 This preset has a Depth of Field effect enabled. Best used with DOF_MOUSEDRIVEN_AF set to on, or disabled for normal gameplay. Installation: Place AustinsSweetPreset.ini into your installation directory (usually C:\Program...
  5. Qashqai

    ReShade with config for Rigs of Rods 12/14/2019

    ReShade 3.1.2 with config file for RoR WINDOWS 7 SP1 x64 OR NEWER IS REQUIRED. You'll also need a decent PC to handle this, something with a good dedicated graphics card and a CPU that can keep up. Instructions: Make sure your rendering system is set to Direct3D9 and that your FSAA is set...