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ReShade with config for Rigs of Rods 9/15/2019

ReShade 3.1.2 with config file for RoR


You'll also need a decent PC to handle this, something with a good dedicated graphics card and a CPU that can keep up.

  1. Make sure your rendering system is set to Direct3D9 and that your FXAA is set to 0.
  2. If you have DOF and/or HDR enabled, disable it.
  3. Download and open the zip. There will be two folders inside, one for 32-bit and the other for 64-bit.
    3.1. If you're running 32-bit Windows, click 32-bit then continue to step 3.2. If you're running 64-bit Windows, skip to step 3.3.
    3.2. If you're running Windows 10 1803/Windows 8,1/Windows 7, click Windows 10 1803 or older then skip to step 4.
    Or if you're running Windows 10 1809+, click Windows 10 1809+ then skip to step 4.
    3.3. Click 64-bit then continue to step 4.
  4. Drag and drop all the files into your installation directory (where RoR.exe is).
    If you used the installer, this is typically C:\Program Files\Rigs of Rods.
    If you're using the client, right click Rigs of Rods then click Open folder in Explorer.
    Or If you installed it by downloading the zip file, find where you extracted it to.
  5. Launch RoR. If you see "Reshade 3.1.2 by crosire", you are done.
  6. Shift + F will toggle on and off the effects.
Additional options:
  • By default, ReShade will load the shaders at startup. If you do not want this, open d3d9.ini/ReShade.ini and change NoReloadOnInit=0 to NoReloadOnInit=1. You'll then have to press Shift +F2 and click the Reload button.
Extra configs:
Authors Team, Qashqai, CuriousMike
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Latest updates

  1. 9/15/2019

    Renamed dxgi.dll back to d3d9.dll (higher success rate)
  2. 6/13/2019

    Renamed folders since 0.4.8RC4 supports 32-bit and 64-bit Renamed 64-bit d3d9.dll to dxgi.dll...
  3. Update

    The zip's contents are now split into 2 folders, one for 32-bit ( and 64-bit (