1. CuriousMike

    Factory colors for Mazda 626 GF 1.0

    Pack of factory colors for the Mazda 626 GF. PDN used to create these is included.
  2. CuriousMike

    AinTech FLK-1500 Skin Pack 1.0

    This is a pack of 39 company skins for the AinTech FLK-1500, made by Rotexx. It has been updated to work with recent RoR versions. Please note that the teleboom version, jibs, and trailer superlift counterweights are not supported by this skin pack.
  3. Manieczek

    Beta Various skins for the Honda Accord Hatchback 2023-12-10

    Have you ever wanted some crappy skins for you boring red Accord?! No? Oh well download them anyway! Featuring: OEM Granada Black Polar White Blade Silver Misty Beige Seattle Silver Navajo Red Montreal Blue Laurel Blue Custom Beige Silver MiG Blue Orange Copper R (Red) G (Green) B (Blue)...
  4. DarthCain

    Felling Trailer Factory Paint 1.0

    Factory Paint colors for neg's Felling Trailer
  5. Igor pegoraro321

    Escort and Traffic Control Skins for BMW E36 Polizei V1.5

    My first skins for the BMW E36 Polizei. Very simple, but I think they're cool.
  6. DarthCain

    Skinzip for Neg's Eager Beaver and Fontaine Lowboys 1.0

    Eager Beaver Colors: Blue Yellow Red Fontaine colors: Gunmetal Grey Red Blue Yellow Orange White
  7. Uploaded from Archives

    Skins for the MAN LTF1060 14/5/12

    Skinzips for the MAN LTF 1060 from Lenni and Craneman. Have Fun!
  8. DarthCain

    Great Dane Trailer Skins 2021-12-10

    Various skins I've created to go with Jerald9000's Great Dane Trailer. Companies included: Atlas Carlile Transportation Cat Power Coke UPS UPS Freight Walmart Solid Colors: Black White
  9. DarthCain

    Compiled Skinzip pack for Lenni's Self Steering Dolly Trailer 1.0

    Skinzip compiled from the three skinzips that existed on the old archives, and one skin I made years ago for a fictional company. Skins by Author: Lenni Yellow dereksh97 Blue DarthCain Rockton County Crane and Demolition Maurice825 Wagenborg Nedlift
  10. Uploaded from Archives

    Wabash Duraplate Original Skinpack 1.0

    The original Skinpack 1 from the Wabash Duraplate thread. Has skins from several old members of the RoR community. DarthCain Carlile HeartLand Express J.B. Hunt Swift USF Holland Wabash Yellow Freight Touchobut CAT Cookies Marlboro Plain White ihwood Consolidated FreightWays RUSTY...
  11. DarthCain

    Skins for the Mercedes Benz Atego 1.0

    A skinzip made from old skins on the repo archives, with some minor changes. Also contains three new skins made by me. Skins included by author: Fili86RaceFace Manfrotto Pepsi-1 Redbull Nicolosi Transporti Poste italiane GLS erick Correios or Sedex Fegu DerWerbebote BelgianFan BPost...
  12. Uploaded from Archives

    Skins for the Multi-Box Trailer 1.0

    Skinzip created from all of the old skins made for the Multibox trailer by Jigsaw Credits: Fili86RaceFace Greddy Target Komatsu Nascar Maxxis FulfilledApricot NewPenn DarthCain Creating skinzip
  13. Uploaded from Archives

    Reachstacker HRS-50 Skinpack 3/2/2014

    A set of skins made by Interceptor in 2014 for the Reachstacker HRS-50. They include: Hyster Kalmar Kone Hope you enjoy! (Note: The original author listed Copyright © INTERCEPTOR at the end of his repo entries.)
  14. DarthCain

    KME Skins for various RoR maps 1.0

    Skins for the 2008 KME Predator, designed for the fire departments of a few well-known RoR maps. Aspen County Regional Response MitCity NeoQueretaro Penguinville Rockton County Starling Island Verniocity Enjoy!
  15. Austin

    44ft Tilt Deck Gooseneck Trailer Skins 1

    A few skins originally made by @Austin in 2014 for his 44ft Tilt Deck Gooseneck Trailer, and repackaged by @DarthCain and @Xploder98. The included skins are: Caterpillar Red Hope you enjoy!
  16. Uploaded from Archives

    Various Skins for the Sennebogen 5500 2021-11-17

    Various skins for the Sennebogen 5500 created by Rotexx on the old forums, and combined into one skinzip by DarthCain Included skins are: Ainscough Boekestijn Bracht Grohmann HNkrane Kuiphuis Mammoet Northern Cranes Sarens Schmidbauer Wagenborg Weldex
  17. Fili86RaceFace

    Italian Skins for the M/V Nordia Express 1

    This skinpack is based on numerous reskins of the M/V Nordia Express ferry done by @Fili86RaceFace back in 2014. @Xploder98 and @Darthcain converted those to standalone skins, cleaned them up, and added mini pictures for each. The companies included are: Tirrenia Navigazione Grimaldi Lines...
  18. DarthCain

    Ford CF8000 Highway Department Paint Colors 1.0

    Highway department inspired skins for Negs CF8000. Skins work on every truck. Picture just shows colors on dump version, for reference.
  19. DarthCain

    Westernstar 4900sb Highway Department Skins 1.00

    Some highway department inspired paint jobs for negs Western Star. Skins included work for the hooklift, and the standard semi.
  20. DarthCain

    Rogers Trailers Factory Paint Colors 1.0

    Factory Paint Colors for Negs Rogers trailers.