1. Acrylix

    Racing Liveries for the Dodge Viper GTS 1

    So far this pack only includes three liveries. Yes, so far. I plan to make more in the future (looks back at the G2X skins and Sportster skins). #44 Michelin Racing #20 Dodge Racing #32 Castrol Racing (whaddya mean it's ripped from the JGTC Supra?!)
  2. ftamino

    Beta Austin Mini Stock Colors 0.1.0

    Some colors for the Austin Mini
  3. I don't exist

    BMW E36 Skins 1.0

    A skinpack for the BMW E36, made by me. I've kind of lost ineterest in working on it, so while this might get updated occasionally, don't expect many more skins. To install, you need to add the following line to the E36's truckfile, below the set_beam_defaults line: guid...
  4. I don't exist

    Released BMW E36 Skinpack

    Download is now on the repository. Hey everyone! I've been working on some skins for the BMW E36, and I feel like it's complete enough to release in a beta form. More skins will be added over time. Current Skins: Racing livery, blue, orange, black, green, blue-gray, rally livery Planned...
  5. RamCharger

    Released 1994 Dodge Ram skinpack

    a few skins for Box5Diesels 94 Dodge ram. features black, green, gray, and orange with reflections working this time also big thanks to Mark for helpin me figure out the issues