1. Kentii

    what mod is this?

    i was looking on the repository, and i saw the test1 terrain. when i saw the minipictures, one of them had a civetta bolide looking car in one of them. What car mod was the civette bolide looking car?
  2. R

    [solved] Poor terrain collisions

    With a large terrain (where 1 pixel in height map = 2.4m in game) using a png height map the visual terrain and ground collisions don't always line up. Is there any tweak to terrn2 or otc I can make to improve this? Meshes at this size still have the correct collisions so I assume it's to...
  3. TheOGplayer812

    SOLVED: RoR black screen when trying to open it

    So my issue is that when ever I open up RoR it just shows a black screen with a cursor (like normal) but after the cursor disappears and the game gets stuck on a black screen and I need to alt + f4 to get out of it I'm not sure if any one else has this issue.