1. Asphaltum

    China Ride-Hailing skins for BMW E36 Update 3

    Some skins I made for the BMW E36 (my first skins made) This includes: - T3 Chuxing (T3 出行) - Caocao Chuxing (曹操出行) - Three variants of DiDi Chuxing (滴滴出行) - Chinese license plates for each skin - And more! Most of them are white since that is a common colour used by the companies. Hope you enjoy!
  2. flip889

    Ford Taunus TC 10/7/2023

    Updated for 0.4.8RC4+
  3. Uploaded from Archives

    Burnside 11/7/2022

    Part of the Gabester Vehicle Pack. Versions: Sedan Convertible Coupe Drag Limo Off-Road Race Police Taxi Wagon BadWagon
  4. Uploaded from Archives

    1999 Ford Crown Victoria 2/18/2019

    Changes from the original forum release: Parser errors fixed License plate changed to remove a reference to a certain game Removed push bar and light bar from stock version Each version now has different GUIDs, each version now defaults to their appropriate skin, and the police skins only...