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Creak, silvermanblue, Jesse, Nadeox1, Lt. Smell My, josh99, Offorader23, CuriousMike
Changes from the original forum release:
  • Parser errors fixed
  • License plate changed to remove a reference to a certain game
  • Removed push bar and light bar from stock version
  • Each version now has different GUIDs, each version now defaults to their appropriate skin, and the police skins only appear on the Cruiser version.
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Latest updates

  1. Headlight texture fix

    Fixed headlight texture

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Bad physics , no stering wheel
Nice mod; every game needs its Crown Vic. The problem is, it doesn't deform, but overall this is a nice mod.
I really like this model, easily one of the best. It doesn't roll too easily, and it is darn near indestructible, which I like because Gabester's cars are down in health from the start, and can cause the car to pull to one side. However, I do wish that this had a soundscript so it doesn't sound like the basic car. Overall, a great mod.
add a deformable body
I LOVE THIS CAR, but it has no deformation.