1. highRPM

    North American-style police skin for BMW E36 Polizei Sedan 1.0

    North American-style police skin, so it's black and white. Does not replace the European-style siren sound or blue-lights-only lightbar. Comment any problems if you encounter some, however, I think there isn't any. Enjoy! :) ---------------- Credits: www.freesvg.org for the SVG images I used
  2. Asphaltum

    Chinese police skins for BMW E36 Polizei 1.1

    (Somehow the resource was deleted, hope that I have fixed the problems from last time) A simple skin, the file includes two skins: - An old and a newer livery of Gongan (公安) - Police license plate for each one Hope you enjoy!
  3. Mark

    WIP - Beta Released Submeshed Polonez Caro

    Hi all, *updates here* > > > *download here* < < < You may have seen this one in random screenshots on the forum or discord, over the past 2 years. This is my first decent vehicle mod for RoR, so don't get your hopes up. Treat this as more of a demo for texturedashboard, materialflarebindings...
  4. Igor pegoraro321

    Escort and Traffic Control Skins for BMW E36 Polizei V1.5

    My first skins for the BMW E36 Polizei. Very simple, but I think they're cool.
  5. Uploaded from Archives

    Lexus LS430 2.0

    Legendary LS430 by Kitteh & Bonehead. Includes a Police version made by PrT Audiman and a skin from A.Lewis. Original README Small fix on the police version to remove the red texture around the submesh. Handling is weird on the front wheel. Hoping to get someone to fix that. Nevertheless...
  6. CuriousMike

    BMW E36 Polizei Sedan 2023-02-25

    German police variant of the BMW E36, originally uploaded to the BMW E36 Workshop on the old forum. It has been turned into a standalone mod, along with other improvements. Controls: CTRL+1 - Lightbar H - Siren Credits: Gabester - Base N/B Nadeox1 - E36 VeyronEB, Mitchieboy, Nadeox1 -...
  7. CuriousMike

    Gavril Omega DET 11/10/2019

    Undercover variant of the Gavril Omega, originally released on the Repository long ago but was removed since it was based on an older version of the Omega. It has been updated with the current version's features plus: Upgraded engine Custom flares Moving antenna Siren Controls: CTRL+1 -...
  8. scratch

    Police/car chase. (How to. . .)

    Hello. This is a post I decided make for anyone who wanted to make a police chase in singleplayer, without using AI. Some people have asked if there was a way to do this before, so I thought I'd make a post about it so people can just see how without having to ask. Many people probably already...
  9. V

    LEGO Vehicle Pack 6/13/2019

    Voulk's LEGO pack, updated for 0.4.8RC4+ Changes made: Fixed parser errors PSSM support Added transfer case toggled with CTRL+W (the old transfer case version is still there for legacy purposes) Added descriptions Other minor improvements
  10. flip889

    Ford Taunus TC 10/7/2023

    Updated for 0.4.8RC4+
  11. Uploaded from Archives

    Burnside 11/7/2022

    Part of the Gabester Vehicle Pack. Versions: Sedan Convertible Coupe Drag Limo Off-Road Race Police Taxi Wagon BadWagon
  12. Uploaded from Archives

    Dodge Magnum 5/8/2020

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
  13. Uploaded from Archives

    Weasel Class Boat 11/20/2021

    Weasel Class Boat Pack by Redeye A fictional small & fast multi-purpose boat for Rigs of Rods, originally made by Redeye and later tweaked by scania970. Features: Thrust vectoring (arrow keys) for tight maneuvers Working rudder (F7/F8) for course fine-tuning Can tow other boats (F11/F12 for...
  14. Uploaded from Archives

    1999 Ford Crown Victoria 2/18/2019

    Changes from the original forum release: Parser errors fixed License plate changed to remove a reference to a certain game Removed push bar and light bar from stock version Each version now has different GUIDs, each version now defaults to their appropriate skin, and the police skins only...