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Weasel Class Boat

Weasel Class Boat 11/20/2021

Redeye, scania970
Weasel Class Boat Pack
by Redeye

A fictional small & fast multi-purpose boat for Rigs of Rods, originally made by Redeye and later tweaked by scania970.

  • Thrust vectoring (arrow keys) for tight maneuvers
  • Working rudder (F7/F8) for course fine-tuning
  • Can tow other boats (F11/F12 for tug rope, click-&-drag to position end of rope, L to lock on)
  • Searchlight (F9/F10 to rotate, N to switch on/off)
  • Lights (Ctrl+1)
  • Emergency beacons (M) on rescue boat version
  • 2 different versions (rescue boat and civilian version without emergency beacons), 5 different skins
  • Lots of ropables for all your lifting & loading needs
  • Works with the skinzip system

If you want to release a mod of this boat, follow 2 simple rules:
  • Credit the original author (or authors, if you're modding a mod)
  • No conflicts with the original version! Change all material names, mesh names, texture names, give it an all-new UID and GUID.

If you just want to make a skin for the Weasel, make a *.skinzip. After all, that's precisely what the system was designed for. The good news is you won't have to worry about conflicts with the original.

Have fun!
Redeye (2012)
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