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rescue vehicle

  1. Uploaded from Archives

    Chevrolet Kodiak (CKDT) Rollback 3/20/2019

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  2. Uploaded from Archives

    Mercedes-Benz Atego Rollback 3/20/2019

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  3. Uploaded from Archives

    Rosenbauer Panther 2/12/2019

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  4. DarthCain

    2008 KME Predator 1.2

    2008 KME Predator fire engine, based on the fire engine from Butler NJ. Features: Openable doors and windows Tilting cab Animated props; driveshafts, light switches, pedals, dashboard needles... Can simulate engine torque twisting force (RoR first) Comes in 2 versions: Caterpillar and Detroit...
  5. Uploaded from Archives

    Weasel Class Boat 11/20/2021

    Weasel Class Boat Pack by Redeye A fictional small & fast multi-purpose boat for Rigs of Rods, originally made by Redeye and later tweaked by scania970. Features: Thrust vectoring (arrow keys) for tight maneuvers Working rudder (F7/F8) for course fine-tuning Can tow other boats (F11/F12 for...