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2008 KME Predator

2008 KME Predator 1.2


2008 KME Predator fire engine, based on the fire engine from Butler NJ.

  • Openable doors and windows
  • Tilting cab
  • Animated props; driveshafts, light switches, pedals, dashboard needles...
  • Can simulate engine torque twisting force (RoR first)
  • Comes in 2 versions: Caterpillar and Detroit, both equiped with Allison 5-speed auto transmission
  • 22 commands (F1 to Ctrl+F12)
  • 9 custom lights (Ctrl+1 to 9)

Command list:
Voulk, Pascal, Thatsnice, Renault_Bird, Eminox, Austin, CuriousMike, DarthCain
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

More files from DarthCain

Latest updates

  1. New Bits and trucks

    Updated the UV maps on the cab and body to make it easier to skin. Added the side pumper...
  2. Minor fix

    Fixed a very minor issue with rotators2 (Roof light keys were set to 10,9 instead of 9,10)
  3. 2/12/2019

    Fixed flickering chrome (thanks to Austin) Fixed all parser errors Fixed commands2 parsing...

Latest reviews

Some of the most beautiful and detailed trucks in the repo. The option to choose between Cat and Detroit Diesel engines is a nice touch too.