1. Uploaded from Archives

    Amphicoach 1.0

    BigBoy's amphibious tourist bus, updated for the latest RoR version. Updates: Fixed stability issues caused by incorrectly defined rotator New AO bake New performance configuration Contactable submesh (RoRBot can stand inside, but unfortunately he's too tall :( ) Color options with PSD...
  2. Uploaded from Archives

    Silja Line skin for the M/V Nordia Express 1

    Silja Line skin for the M/V Nordia Express This is a skin for the M/V Nordia Express ferry that gives it a livery from the well-know Finnish cruiseferry company, Silja Line. It was originally made and released as an entire reskinned boat by Nikes1234; I (@Xploder98) converted it to a skin file...
  3. Fili86RaceFace

    Italian Skins for the M/V Nordia Express 1

    This skinpack is based on numerous reskins of the M/V Nordia Express ferry done by @Fili86RaceFace back in 2014. @Xploder98 and @Darthcain converted those to standalone skins, cleaned them up, and added mini pictures for each. The companies included are: Tirrenia Navigazione Grimaldi Lines...
  4. Matthews Legend

    I found an old site for RoR mods (forgotten)

    Hey guys, i found an old site for RoR mods, probably forgotten, with several old mods where i could download several vehicles, on some pages i even found maps too. I will go provide the link here:
  5. Zephyr

    USS Gerald R. Ford 1.0

    US Navy Aircraft carrier. Known as the world's largest aircraft carrier. NOTE: THIS MODEL ISN'T MADE BY ME. IT'S RELEASED UNDER CC ATTRIBUTION. IF YOU GUYS WANT TO CHECK OUT THE CREATOR I'LL PUT THE LINK DOWN BELOW. Model link CC Attribution License...
  6. CuriousMike

    Wahoo Boat V2 with Trailer 4/17/2019

    Credits: Pricorde - Original Wahoo boat Metalmuncher - Wahoo V2 mod 84blazer - Trailer @CuriousMike (Myself) - Down-scale, skin support, other minor fixes To attach the boat to the trailer, simply press O. Supports skinzips, you are free to release a skin as long it's in .skinzip format.
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    M/V Nordia Express 2023-02-03

    M/V Nordia Express passenger ferry Here it finally is. If not the biggest, at least one of the biggest ships ever built in RoR. It's a 216m long passenger ferry. It doesn't really exist, but it's very similar with these: It's still WIP, but here's...
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    Weasel Class Boat 11/20/2021

    Weasel Class Boat Pack by Redeye A fictional small & fast multi-purpose boat for Rigs of Rods, originally made by Redeye and later tweaked by scania970. Features: Thrust vectoring (arrow keys) for tight maneuvers Working rudder (F7/F8) for course fine-tuning Can tow other boats (F11/F12 for...
  9. Uploaded from Archives

    Atlas Class Tug & Barges 2

    Atlas Class Tug & Barges By RedEye This pack includes the 'Atlas' class tugboat for Rigs of Rods and 3 different unpropelled barges designed to work with the tug. It was originally made in 2012 for RoR 0.38 by Redeye, then scania970 updated it in 2014 for RoR 0.4+. Features for Atlas tug...
  10. hagdervriese

    Vriesenkutter 0.5

    small boat to test out my trainee level. Not yet finished, but nice to explore maps on the waterside. You can do everything with this boat, as long as you give me credits