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Atlas Class Tug & Barges

Atlas Class Tug & Barges 2

Redeye, scania970
Atlas Class Tug & Barges
By RedEye

This pack includes the 'Atlas' class tugboat for Rigs of Rods and 3 different unpropelled barges designed to work with the tug. It was originally made in 2012 for RoR 0.38 by Redeye, then scania970 updated it in 2014 for RoR 0.4+.

Features for Atlas tug:
  • Nav Lights (Ctrl+1)
  • A pair of rear hooks (F9/F10) designed to link to the barges (L).
  • A main hook (F11/F12) that can link to most other loads or boats (also L).
  • 4 skins
  • Works with the .skinzip system

Features for Barges:
  • An empty generic barge (100 tons)
  • A loaded bulk barge (425 tons)
  • A liquid goods barge (300 tons)
  • Pairs of hooks on each end (F1/F2 and F3/F4) that can link to the tug or other barges
  • If two barges are lined up and close enough to one another, they will link automatically (Alt+L to unlink)

Here's a quick tutorial of how to best dock the tug with a barge:
  1. Spawn a barge and an Atlas tug and line up with a barge. That should get you used to the tug's controls. Keep an easy hand on the steering wheel, she's slightly nervous.
  2. Extend your rear hooks a bit (F10), that'll make things easier. Not too much though.
  3. Add some reverse throttle and back up towards the barge slowly and carefully. Keep an easy hand on the throttle.
  4. If you're really close to the barge (and still lined up), bring the tug to a halt. Once stopped, hit "L" and wait for the ropes to link up.
  5. Now extend your rear hooks further for some safety margin between the Atlas and the barge. Congratulations, you're ready to go.

If you want to release a mod of the Atlas or barges, follow 2 simple rules:
  • Credit the original author (or authors, if you're modding a mod)
  • NO conflicts with the original version! Change all material names, mesh names, texture names, give it an all-new UID and GUID.

If you just want to make a skin for the Atlas or barges, make a *.skinzip. After all, that's precisely what the system was designed for. The good news is you won't have to worry about conflicts with the original.

Have fun!
Redeye (2012)
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