1. N

    2006 Mercedes Benz Actros 1.01

    The old Mercedes Benz Actros truck pack. New version can be found here. Note: All versions have been merged into a single zip, please remove the old files! Original post: Original wrecker version post from auke1:
  2. H

    Steelplate pack 1.1

    Steelplate pack for cranes and trucks. The pack includes woodmats, 2 ton steelplate and 8 ton steelplate.
  3. H

    Woodmats 1.0

    Woodmats for cranes, trucks etc.
  4. Jesse

    1999 Peterbilt 379 1.2

    1999 Peterbilt 379 pack Commands F1 - F2: Open/Close hood F3- F4: Up/Down- Dump bed F5- F6: Open/Close Dump bed- Tailgate Sections Engine one: The Wolf's engine tuning Engine two: K20's engine tuning Credits Me: Main meshes Kitty: N/B and support Dumitru: Dump truck meshes and headache...
  5. Uploaded from Archives

    DAF Semi Rebirth 1

    DAF SEMI REBIRTH "The king returns!" In 2011, one of the greatest RoR Trucks got updated! I worked quite hard on this and I hope you like it. This is an updated version of the DAF semi truck with improved handling, fixed errors, fixed bugs. Features: Mid-Low Poly Mesh Flexbody Meshwheels...
  6. Matthews Legend

    I found an old site for RoR mods (forgotten)

    Hey guys, i found an old site for RoR mods, probably forgotten, with several old mods where i could download several vehicles, on some pages i even found maps too. I will go provide the link here:
  7. MichaelScott


    is there an m934?
  8. B

    Iveco truck with Palfinger crane 1.0

    Required RoR or newer Descrpition: It,s Iveco Stralis with Palfinger crane pk165002 include jib and winch. The crane can reach 31 meter . Lift capacity: booms fully out 1600kg close to the crane 32ton Manual: The crane can automatic fold/unfold Fold: press short shift+F1...
  9. Charger

    Lone Ranger 2020 Monster Truck 2020-04-13

    DO NOT EDIT, REUPLOAD, OR REDISTRIBUTE ANY PART OF THIS TRUCK ON ANY SITE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION 1969 Ford F-100 monster truck, a true gentleman's truck. Credits: OG_N/B - Box5Diesel Body/Headers/RII light strips/Hat/Setup - Charger New Node/Beam & Cleaning up meshes - 4x4convoy...
  10. Tahaksaw

    Kaleway H315

    2020's baja truck, outfitted for civilian use. Mods are always welcomed, but please upload them here first so others can test them out.
  11. Uploaded from Archives

    VW Type 181 "Thing" 10/14/2019

    Originally made for the 10-Day Trail Truck Build-Off. Changes from the original release: Added 6x6 version Completed submesh, added ties - Bed is now usable Added command descriptions + Remove engine requirement Fixed stalling Included (most..) extra skins Lots of other minor improvements...
  12. graysonk95

    Beta Freightliner FLA Cabover Semi 0.1

    The Freightliner FLA series was the successor to the White Freightliner cabover. I've had the great privilege of sitting behind the wheel of an FLA and then completely dismembering it for parts. That experience almost 3 years ago led me to model one of these iconic trucks for RoR. This truck is...
  13. AgentV12

    Unimog U5000 1.1

    This is a mod made by VeyronEB of the Unimog Dakar. I have updated it with features from the Unimog Dakar, along with very minor prop adjustments.
  14. Uploaded from Archives

    Unimog 406 1.02

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
  15. Uploaded from Archives

    Toyota Hilux mod 4/13/2019

    This file has been uploaded from the archives. No description is available.
  16. Uploaded from Archives

    Gavril Omega 11/9/2019

    Part of the Gabester Vehicle Pack. The Omega is an off-road sports sedan. Choose from three versions: Omega Six - ~300 horsepower I6 diesel base model Omega Ten - ~500 horsepower V10 with bigger wheels and lifted suspension Omega Twelve - 600+ horsepower V12 with a lightened chassis...
  17. 4x4convoy

    Jeep TJ 11/20/2018

    TatangJose's Jeep Tjs There Are 6 Different Versions Of The Jeep TJ: STOCK I4 2.5L STOCK I4 2.5 no FT I6 4.0L I6 4.0 no FT COMP V8 350 COMP V8 350 no FT Credits Go To: TatangJose: Creating The Original Jeep TJ 4x4convoy: Fixing Them To Work In Current Version