1965 Austin Mini

1965 Austin Mini 1.5

In response to the reviews I've gotten lately:
  • The original late-beta release of the car actually included a RWD version, I just temporarily removed it because it was conflicting with the LHD version and still needed all the prop placement to be redone.
  • There are multiple textures included in the pack, textures that I plan on making a skinzip for.
I just placed the props and left everything else exactly as it was in the latest released version.
Finally. A RHD car. You man are good for rebooting this. RESPECT!

before;PlEaSe MaKe SuRe ThIs IS WORKING.
aFTER:(does not go back to forums because of great mod.)
Xploder98 updated 1965 Austin Mini with a new update entry:

First update in quite some time

Hello all,

After a few months off and on, I've decided to begin releasing my work on the Austin Mini. The first model to be included is the base Mini 850, one of several models planned for release soon. This update includes:
  • Reduced and more accurate weight. The car's weight has been reduced from some ~3230kg to only ~730kg (around 22% of the original!)
  • Retuned engine and more accurate gear ratios. The Mini 850 now produces 34hp, 60Nm (45lb-ft) torque, and a top...

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The windows, grille and headlights have a solid white texture in 2022.12 because the specular texture for those was commented out, and the specular texture for the grille is misspelled. I've fixed it myself a couple months ago, but thought of reporting this minor issue because other people might have the same issue as well.
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