WIP - Beta Released '67 Bronco Crawler Restored


Nov 22, 2019
Brazil, SC
Okay so...
Its been a while since i started this project of restoration (like in march 19th of this year) and its quite done and maybe its good enough to release with the actual state
I mean... I got somewhere with it i think, and its not that far to be done, there's not much left so i'll list whats possibly missing
You can always report any find in here as well


Ive been having so much fun playing around with this bronco since its release in 2018 i decided to rework the entire mod and here i am,
im pretty happy with the result, but the result didn't motivated me to release it and i was thinking of just keep it for me and friends...
But i changed my mind, i want to get rid of it for now so i can focus on my main project, because it is taking forever
But i'll try come back to fix and finish whats missing to be done.


Here is the original post on the forum;
'67 Bronco Crawler | Rigs of Rods Community

The original creator of the mod is RockCrwlr
Unfortunately i couldnt contact him about releasing his Bronco
Since alot of things in there i just re-texturized and wanst made by me

NOTE: Add and DM me on Discord (Gibbzy#6689) if you want to release modified mods built with my parts.
I do not take requests to do anything, you can only add me for that purpose
But now lets talk about the new features:
  • Fully remade N/B (Really big thanks to @Philzilla by help implementing shocks2, shocks3 and new meshwheels to it, even if i didnt asked to, so my bad if i forgot to mention something 😅)​
  • New cages​
  • New uv map but it does not uses GUID, and it is AO baked​
  • Some changes in the body mesh and fixed shading errors​
  • Section config for engines, switch between to a Ford 3rd gen 170cu i6 4.1 or a Windsor Small Block 289cu V8 4.7 (Also the sounds changes when switching each engines options!!!)​
  • Commands are available, Ctrl + T to show keys​
Whats missing:
  • Still need shade smooth the mesh, for some reason i cant export the mesh with modifiers
  • XJ four links base is missing
  • Tail gate and Hood meshes does not open/closes with the commands yet
Whats done:
  • Still need model the hook in the new cages wich attaches to the rear suspension, legit forgot about it
  • Spec file not working on the bronco's body
  • Fix interior texture ( did not noticed this )
  • Still missing a sterring wheel for the interior
  • Fixed interior camera glitching in extreme inclinations of the car
  • Fix wrong assigned textures for the rear axle's diff



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This thing is super nice, looking a thousand times better, good job :) great crawler and fun to jump, too

I still get the interior camera glitch for some reason
Here we go, this took me more time than i thought it would...

Soon a new zip will be available for download, just retouching some stuffs

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Erm... What is AO baking, by the way? I understand that the AO is the shading on the skin...
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Lauching new update, check first #1 post of what was done


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New steering wheel for the interior! After modelling a bunch of wheels i finally found one that fits for the bronco.... Soon it will be ingame

Heres the progress if you're interested


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