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Jun 1, 2019
Hi my server and ip was black listed we have not had any violations we don't us mods that are banned. And I check my logs everyday to make sure so why was my server blacklisted I also added a server bot for more security
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No idea what server you're talking about since you didn't actually mention the name.

I'll assume you're talking about Elite task force, which was the only recently blacklisted server, which regularly had no bot, and did allow many banned vehicles, even when the bot was active.
Elite task forcing was racist, unfriendly, allowed banned mods, and was full of bus kids, I hope you and your lousy server will never return :)
Yeah, with what DarthCain and Manie said, it's obvious why the server was blacklisted. Full of bus kids, RACIST (why tf are people racist on ror mp) and allowed banned mods like RoRrebels mods.
dont know what mods where bann all the default banned one are still banned and the racism is not tolerated on it if there were you could of messaged me on here they would of been ban right away the bus kids will be banned also but what the issue with the bus kids as long as they are using legal mod that are not banned then why is that is a reason to blacklist my server
we also had a discord for support and a teamspeak so there was mutable ways to contact me about what was going on my server
There were multiple reports, and checks into your server verifying the non-usage of the complete ban list and about inappropriate conduct on your server. It's your responsibility to monitor and keep your server inline with the rules, not the official staff.
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