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Blender N/B Import/Export Plugin 2023-01-03


Sep 26, 2018
ulteq submitted a new resource:

Blender Import/Export Plugin - blender, plugin, import, export

  • Full vertex group support
  • Automatic column alignment
  • Sophisticated vertex position rounding
  • Full preservation of the original truck file
  • Automatic beam sorting based on the vertex groups
  • All node, beam and cab options are preserved during import / expo
  • All set_node_defaults, set_beam_defaults and set_beam_defaults_scale entries are preserved
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I must say, you did very good job (y) Having good .truck exporter is important for RoR, because it can attract more players to RoR and make their "playing around with RoR" a lot easier. And your plugin definitely does this.
I did quick test and it seems to work very well. There is only one thing, it seems that it can only work with .truck files. So if I want to work on for example .airplane or .boat file, it doesn´t load. So if you add support for other formats in Rigs of Rods it will be perfect ;)
Here is exact list of formats in RoR:
.truck, .car, .boat, .airplane, .train, .machine, .trailer, .load, .fixed
I think that´s all :unsure:
Sorry to bump this but I have a question regarding this plugin. I used to be very active in this game about 4 years ago and was using 2.49b. I was using the old .truck importer and there was a plugin that came with it that showed the the node numbers while you were in edit mode. Is there an update for that as well or is that a plugin of the past that won't work in the newer versions of Blender? I believe it was called
@kch_7three I personally use this plugin:

But you can also do it without any external plugin:
  1. Enter 'Edit' mode
  2. Press 'N'
  3. Scroll down to 'Mesh Display'
  4. Enable 'Edge Info: Indices'
Hello I'm new to this blender stuff, but not to the old ROReditor and trying to figure this all out. I've got the plug in installed onto the older Blender. But some things tell me "not yet implemented" am I behind on this stuff or is it all working now? Cause I have no idea. The last time I messed around with this was when ROR was at 0.3.8 or .38 or whatever is was. And also does this plugin work with the latest version of Blender or does I have to use the 2.79b version like the Docs page says? I'm so lost right now and YouTube isn't any help for node editing. any advice would help. Thanks
I found out something odd about this add-on: It keeps the Blender System Console open when you close out Blender.
It was tedious, but I did it:
I'm reporting that it does not import .truck N/B correctly. Here is RoR 2.49 and importer 0.6.7

and here is ulteq RoR Importer 0, 0, 1