Creating Vehicle (stuck)

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Jun 17, 2021
Alright I've been working on a vehicle in Blender however its been giving me some trouble. I wanted to create so many mods, I have every tool on this site installed. However I am NOT a person who can read it and then do it, I need a video explanation, going step by step. Does anyone have this or produced one and can give me detailed instructions.

P.S. I've already looked at every link talking about creating mods on this site, so don't link it and be like there you go. Also no offence they are written good, however I just don't understand it as well as other people.
Somehow, no

Why? I don't know. Probably because it'd be a lot of work, and the video tutorial would be outdated quickly with a new blender version, so nobody wants to waste their time.

The Docs are a lot to read and even more to wrap your head around, and it's hard

The only advice I can give you: start simple and be patient. Make a n/b box on wheels. Make a box in blender and put that box, on that box in RoR. Don't try and make a full-blown car straight away.

Also, if you get genuinely stuck, when asking for help, be specific, and people will be more likely to help if you show them you've really tried and read the Docs and aren't just looking for somebody to basically do something for you.
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