(For Devs) New Server Net


New member
Feb 21, 2020
So I heard that in the new server net, you can see animated props. Could there be a way to get it where you can hear all sounds? In multiplayer what bugs a lot a people is that you can't hear a lot of important sounds. You can hear stuff like turn signals, engine noise, reverse beepers, and others. But what you can't hear is stuff like sounds tied to the parking brake, the main brakes, anything tied to commands2, etc. Would there be a way where it could be imputed to where in the new version you could hear these sounds?
Hi, sorry for taking more than a year to get to this.

You're making a very good point. States like parking brake aren't transferred because they don't have any visual indication. Brakes have a brake light flare so they must be synched, and they are - I'm not sure why brake sounds don't work. Can you name some vehicles I can test this with?