Guess the car

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This one might be easy.
i know it probs gonna be hard one hint toyota


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Toyota Yaris
You forgot to rename the file & cover the badges on the photos 🤣🤣.

My turn:
Guess the car.jpg
Slightly easy but I want to tell a story:
The other day I was in my buddy's garage working on out GT40 kit car (which we've decided to eventually swap a 3.5L EcoBoost into, when I heard an evil-sounding V8 from the other end of the garage (it's legit the size of a house) and my buddy's dad runs in going "EET'S ALIIIIVEEE!" We book it into the other room, where my buddy's WIP Mustang II is. Turns out, all was needed was a replaced fuel line, because he got it started. We were able to rev her up and move her out the garage. She made a few rounds around the yard, and sure, it looks like horse turds, covered in primer, and missing lights and bumpers, but boy it sure ran. It has an old-school 302 under the hood with a 5 speed. Pics soon. I just don't feel like uploading them from my horrible flip phone (I lost my LG).


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