How to only look for terrain having a specific tag?


New member
Mar 27, 2023
I'm mainly interested in off-road in this game so like the off-road tag a lot. However sometimes I'm interested in vehicles and other times terrain, as I'm writing this in terrain. Is there a way to filter a specific category for resources having a specific tag?

Thank you kindly
Embarking on my off-road adventures, I eagerly navigate the game's menu in search of the elusive 'off-road' tag. With a dash of excitement, I uncover the treasure trove of terrain tailored specifically for my wild, untamed spirit. The game's filtering prowess empowers me to explore the untrodden paths and conquer the off-road challenges that await me. Let the thrill unfold as I unveil the rugged landscapes that beckon my every move!
[...] the game's menu in search of the elusive 'off-road' tag. [...] The game's filtering prowess [...]
Do you mean that through the game you can look for not downloaded maps, or that you've downloaded a bunch of maps and filter which you want to play?
Indeed, the game provides the functionality to filter and select from downloaded maps that match off-road interests. I can curate my own collection of diverse terrains and choose the ones that resonate with my adventurous spirit.