Released NeoQueretaro Public School District Bus 12-38 (Graysonk95's HDX skinned)

I wanted to stand out
ok? you can stand out in other ways:
for example,
  • Grayson used "STOP ON SIGNAL" in what looks like futura font; all florida hdxs have "STOP WHEN RED LIGHTS FLASH" in the factory font (nimbus sans)
  • jason's RoRPS stuff adds a touch from his real district, being the warning beacon on the emergency door
  • my signage for neo copies the style of phoenix instead of the source place (santiago de queretaro)
my point is that you can still stand out but still be practical & realistic! your "uwu stwop for me cuz think of the chuldren" is unrealistic & hard (+ terrible) to look at.
i can see your skin is a unique & nice skin concept, just make it look good, add a touch of practicality & realism :)

perhaps type out "stop on red" instead for instance
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