WIP - Beta Released Nissan Datsun Cherry 100A (E10)


Nov 22, 2019
Brazil, SC
As Known As Satsuma AMP for the most of the people that have played MSC, Datsun 100A or Nissan Cherry as in real life name that stands for a car that was a very popular in Europe in the 1970s and 1980s, The Satsuma is equipped with a 1.0L (988 ccs, yes very slow) inline four-cylinder gasoline engine, with a front-wheel-drive four-speed all-synchromesh manual transmission and features a four-wheel independent suspension... But i will be honest and tell a lil story, i wanst even plainning on making a this car in first place, because i was already working on another project, an s13 Tracker, but when i exported the nb to the game, the ideas came out, since i shaped it like a hatch car to make it easy to make some tweaks and go adjust things all along, and now here it is... I will just list little bit of what ive been working and ill be listing what is missing


Realistic Weight ~ 670kg (1477lbs) - Realistic TorqueCurve (112nm 44hp) - Independent Suspension - Front Wheel Drive - Hand made nb from Scratch

Whats missing:
  • Finish mesh, such as grill, front and rear bumper, windows and close everything (DISCLAIMER; It will not have interior or anything besides the main body, the basic satsuma is already done and recognizable, if i go any further with detalis on the model i would need a written permission from Amistech to keep using Satsuma name, you can of think something really simple)
  • Make some sounds A10E
  • Model the tires and rim (You guys can suggest what wheels i could make, it could be any one that its in MSC or from factory, there are many)
  • Fix some shading errors
  • Probably i will be making the another variant (GT 1.2L, Sport variable speed transmission and four doors.)
  • Finish shaping the NB to fit in all of the interior and exterior to avoid mesh clipping into the environment
  • Make some better tweak on the torque curve to make it more accurate
  • Fix the rear wheels sometimes becoming wobbly at taking turning
  • Decrease the front wheels weight, 33kg in the meantime the rear wheels weights 20kg
NOTE: Add and DM me on Discord (Gibbzy#6689) if you want to release modified mods built with my parts.
I do not take requests to do anything, you can only add me for that purpose




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