Picture of Your Ride V4.0


getting bored of waiting for it to die lol
windows go down slow as all hell now but its still kicking, do need to ditch it soon enough though- its too practical for me, lmao
Certainly has been a while since I've posted 😅 last download i have is still 0.38
The diesel decided to blow all its oil out the dipstick. She had a shake after i added more oil so i decided to take it appart.
EGTs must have been through the roof on my trip because all the pistons are melted around the outside edge.
Getting a full rebuild with oversized pistons and a ported head. adding an intercooler and then she will be able to run 25 pounds of boost no problem!

And the Rubicon is getting a Hydro assist kit next week.
Steering box is worn out and this rebuilt steering box with ram kit is the same price as a single new or rebuild box alone. Its a no brainer!
just in time for 2 back to back weekend events


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I bought pile of shit.


'02 CCLWB 4x4 Lariat 7.3 Powerstroke. 320k miles. Went with my pops to buy it when I was like 7. Couldn't turn it down. All stock, engine, trans, heads all never been out. Shifts good enough, no blow by etc. Leaks like hell though.

My Astra G 1,6 16V Caravan. Im not 18 but here in finland u can get a learners permit when you are 16, but i always have to have someone with a license with me while driving. and sory for my bad english
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I still drive through the streets of Prague with a good old 626. I don't meet them very much, it's becoming a rare car.
The steering wheel is ugly, but I like it. 😀


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Something messed up in the black tahoe, had the chance to scoop up another 98 Tahoe that needed a motor, pulled the motor from the black one and dropped it into the grey one, got 2k miles out of it until it spun a bearing. Will be back soon..


Back story on this one, old friend used to own it before I even had my license, he sold it to his best friend who finished blowing it up, was gonna rebuild the motor and repaint it, at the same time, which is why its primer grey... then it got parked in the weather for 2 years, with no weather stripping so the interior was a mess when I got it.
my 2001 f-150 lariat 5.4 and the hoopty obs 1500 with a 350 i sold a while ago.
1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera S 3.3 V6, TH125C transmission, 74k miles.


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