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Sep 3, 2020
North Carolina
Hey all,
What does RoR need? A bunch of things. Can I do that? Probably not. What is not necessary to have but should have anyway? This.
Since most big RoR creators like Gabester, Box5diesel, Soat_Muldoon and many others have moved on to BeamNG.drive I have decided to start a revival project for Stoats F-Series. I've decided to start with the Aeronose, OBS, whatever you wanna call it generation (1992-1998) since I have history IRL with these trucks.

What have I done? (so far)
-Realistic weight (still some imperfections but I'll fix it)
-Added 2 new variants for the Extended Cab (more to come for all other variants)
-More realistic engine and gearbox behavior (will be improved)
-Added mini pics
- Removed the awful tire screech effect (will be replaced)

What will I add/improve on later?
-Add flares
-Add steering wheel
- Add gauges
-3D Engine model as well as other components
-Fix sounds
-Improve handling/overall vehicle feel
-Add all above mentioned to the other F Series gens
-Create skinzip
-More i can't think of right now

Thank you too:
CuriousMike, LT. Smell My, JDMClark - Rockstar Wheels + Tires, 5 Spoke wheel + tire
4x4convoy- Billet Grills + BroncoAir Front bumper
I do not take credit for any existing meshes for the mod, all credit goes to Soat_Muldoon
Please keep in mind that I am a high school student with a outside life with little modding experience so updates/realeses will not come at any set date or time in the future. This is simply a side "project" of mine that will gradually get improved on


Changelog V1.1 August 21, 2023

New wheels/tires for Offroad Version
Added "1992 Ford F-350 XL Long Bed Dually" configuration (w.i.p)
Added Ford IDI Diesel for F-350
Updated minipics
Lower RPM limit for better shifting and more torque (all configs. exc. Lightning)
Removed unnecessary files
Minor changes to "1992 Ford F-150 XL Ext. Cab Squat." configuration
Minor changes to "1992 Ford F-150 XL Ext. Cab Offroad" configuration
Cleaned up the log a little bit
Known bugs:
Locking differential on the "Offroad" configuration causes it to implode (Seagate reference)
Missing back sidewall texture for "Dually" configuration (wheels)
Missing bed texture for "Dually" configuration
F-350 still shows "F-150" badging
I will leave this .zip file if anybody wants to check out the pack. This mod does not conflict with Soats existing pack. They are separate .truck files.


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dually need update not have 5 th wheeel, wait white textures for skin


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