random question

Jan 15, 2018
I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you
Hey guys, got a rather odd question.

Does anyone know if there is a way to have ROR look in a specific directory for mods other than in the default one? or if you can create a shortcut that tells it to look for the mods in a different directory?

The reason I ask is I've started to play the multiplayer version of ROR, and on some servers, different vehicles are banned. What I'd like to do is have one directory for single player where it pretty much has ALL my mods, and then a separate directory that is multiplayer safe.

So, instead of just having
C:\Users\■■■■■\Documents\My Games\Rigs of Rods\mods

I could have
C:\Users\■■■■■\Documents\My Games\Rigs of Rods\mods
C:\Users\■■■■■\Documents\My Games\Rigs of Rods multiplayer\mods

Then I'd create 2 shortcuts. One for single player, one for multiplayer. The single player shortcut target would have some sort of target argument that would tell it to look in the first directory for the mods, and the multiplayer shortcut would have an argument to tell it to look in the second directory