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I have a bunch of mods collected over the years but I do not remember who made the vehicles. I really do want to upload it but I did not make the content. Should I just keep it or is there a way to share it?:confused:
E39 Pack

BMW E39 1995-2003

WIP Beta released ~Update Page 14~ BMW E39 (5 series 1995-2003)
Drift King

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Ravidnas1?s 2006 Chevy pack

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I have a request.

NeoQ2.0 by jigsaw. Features, Big map, lots of fairly realistic highways, a city, a tunnel, and great for driving around in. Heres a link to the old page, where you can find a working version for both 0.4 & 0.39: NeoQ2.0 (Urban Terrain)

Cube Crusher. I haven't tested it yet, but it should work, it crushes a car into a cube. Made by: Michael10055 Link:

Thanks for this amazing thread btw.

Also, I'm very interested in the Chevrolet Kodiak semi the guy above mentioned, I love the ones already on the new repo but a semi version sounds amazing.
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map: Rockford island
mod: KoneCranes Goliath and Mack Granite Fanotech loader

have video about it

You understand he needs the link/an attachment in order to upload the mod to the repository, right?

If you want to request an upload, please include:

A download link to the mod. The only exception to this rule is when you are certain a mod was released but all the links to it are dead (e.g. released on the MyBB forum after 3/13/2017)
At least 1 screenshot.