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Hi everyone.

Due to the large amounts of mod request threads, we've decided to create a thread for people to request mods they would like to see uploaded to the Repository.

If you want to request an upload, please include:

  • A download link to the mod. The only exception to this rule is when you are certain a mod was released but all the links to it are dead (e.g. released on the MyBB forum after 3/13/2017)
  • At least 1 screenshot.

We'll try to fix any mods that do not work in the latest RoR version.

Things that will not be accepted:
  • Absolutely no stolen content!
  • No low-quality mods (Submesh mods are fine, but please do not request a bunch of skins of the same vehicle)
  • Do not request any mods that cannot be released. (e.g. mods of Gabester's vehicles)

This is not a thread to request new vehicles. At the moment we do not allow content requests on the forum.
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Audiman's old maps. Both have better pics in thread.

Saya de polika. Good fun map. no conversion needed, there's versions for 0.4x and above and legacy.

Has grass like the old baker ranch, and the fences don't help but it should run ok on decent configs. You don't have to fix this.

WIP Beta released Saya de Polika Beta Page 11 - Page 11

RoR 2018-06-22 19-35-37.pngRoR 2018-06-22 19-33-22.png

Rochdale village, legacy only. no 0.4 version iirc.

Released Rochdale Village

MitchieBoy's updated CLK 208, their vito. I have both, but can't find the vito, and the old clk's on the archived forum.

Tatangjose's Wrangler TJ
On Hold TJ's Wrangler TJ new beta pg #8 post #158 - Page 8
Saya de polika. Good fun map. no conversion needed, there's versions for 0.4x and above and legacy.
Done, actually took some fixing as I had to remove a unused texture layer to prevent it crashing on the latest development build:

Rochdale village

MitchieBoy's updated CLK 208, their vito. I have both, but can't find the vito, and the old clk's on the archived forum.

Tatangjose's Wrangler TJ
Already fixed and uploaded by [MENTION=5]4x4convoy[/MENTION]:
Any of Box5Diesel's Dodge Ram trucks (if theyre not stolen) any g20 Van Mods (iirc there is a thread on the archives *G20 Mod Competition?* and no downloads?)

- - - Updated - - -

Also, Lifter's mods, theres a ford ranger somewhere (2001-ish era)

and any of silvermanblue's mods
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Here's some other request. Some are ones from another post I'd really like to see on the repo.

Chevrolet Kodiak. By Jigsaw. Features: Custom sounds, working lights, and is fully deformable. Link:

CKDT Rollback. by Jigsaw. Basically, the same thing as the "Chevrolet Kodiak" I showed Y'all above just a rollback version. Link:

Keystone Hideout 280LHS. By: Neg. Features: No interior, functional lights, and is fully deformable. Link:

Kenworth T600 hemiboy. Features: Regular version, several skins, and deformable. Link:


Kenworth K100. This is the original K100s from the older versions of ROR. Features: Functioning lights, and is kinda deformable. Link:

Tatra 815 6x6 CKD AD-26. (Mobile Crane) By ZTS. Features: Functional crane, (Controls: F1 to F12 for crane, to bring the stabilizer legs out you use Ctrl + F1 commands.) good quality model, and working construction light. (Not deformable.) Link:

Mercedes-Benz 0305. Features: HQ model, interior, working doors, functional lights, and deformable. Link:

Sawbuss sport. (For me the regular skin crashes my game. Not the school skin.) Features: It comes with two skins, working mirrors, lights, and is deformable. It was made by Jigsaw. (I don't care for this one much, but some people would like to see it I'm sure.) Link:

Destructible Police barricade. Features: Two sizes, breaks into pieces, has good collisions with most vehicles, (Such as Gabesters vehicles.) could damage/make you lose control of your vehicle when hitting it at high speeds, and lots of fun to play around with. (And it's just a prop.) Link:
Police line.png

Box5Duce. Features: Badass radio at the push of a button "H", several versions, poor collisions with most vehicles, and fully deformable. (There's probably more, but I just can't recall.) Link:

I do not own any of these vehicles/props.

I believe all these links should work. All these vehicles work for the newest version of ROR.
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Estonian Air Boeing 737-300
AN-12 Pack
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Just finished uploading a large batch of files to the Repository.
Please post at least one screenshot and a download link as stated in the rules.

ok i found only this video

An ETS2 styled map. A highway going across the map & some small cities, everything in a nice european like ambient. Would be good for trucking & occasionally sunday driving.
Old and Unsupported N-Country [Delete please]

Already added:

Land Rover Pack.
Repo archive:
404 Not Found
Forum archive:
Released Land Rover Pack
Sorry for repo link, i've attach it.

Low quality model and textures, won't be uploading. Sorry.

Here is the original thread from the archives that has the download link:

Released Unfinished 143 and Knuckleboom-R560

The R560 pack is also included in the thread.

A screenshot from the link is attached.

Thanks, added: