[Test build] Version 0.4.8 RC1

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Jan 14, 2018
Hello everyone

Finally, more than 2 years after 0.4.7 was released, version 0.4.8 is almost ready!
But first, we release this RC to see if everything is working as expected

Some highlights in 0.4.8:
  • Removed RoRConfig: All settings can now be changed inside RoR
  • Submesh friction fix: Vehicles should no longer slide of trailers (See images below)
  • Character vs. submesh collisions: RoRBot now can walk over trailers and cars
  • Upgraded to OGRE 1.11: This should improve performance by ~10-25%
  • Revival of the classic overview map: The overview map now has its icons back
  • Teleport on map: Click anywhere on the overview map to teleport to that location
  • Transfer cases: Now you can add a transfer case on a vehicle (See https://rigsofrods.cf/vehicle-creation/fileformat-truck/#transfercase)
  • Inter-axle differentials: Now you can define inter axle differentials on a vehicle, allowing more accurate distribution of torque among the axles (See https://rigsofrods.cf/vehicle-creation/fileformat-truck/#interaxles)
  • A couple of thousand bug fixes - see full changelog

Submesh friction in 0.4.7:

Submesh friction with this test build:

Download with the itch.io desktop app (Recommended)

With the desktop app, the latest build will be automatically downloaded and installed
Also, only the changed files will be downloaded instead of the complete game.

  1. Download and install the itch.io desktop app: itch - Download and play indie games - itch.io
  2. Login into the itch.io app.
  3. Restart your PC after you have successfully logged in
  4. Click this link to install RoR
  5. When you launch the game for the first time, it will first install some dependencies

You can still download it without the app here: https://rigs-of-rods.itch.io/rigs-of-rods

Please test and report any issues you observe. If no serious flaws are found in the coming weeks, we will publish an official release.
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Wow....This is amazing. I must say I have been really put off by RoR lately just for the sheer optimization not being there, mainly FPS drops. I am now running at straight 60FPS all the time, even on Taiga used to be like 20(I think the 10-25% increase is an understatement). The other additions like map teleport is something I never knew I wanted before, along with the center diffs.

I would like to thank the Dev team for sticking around and making RoR what I always thought it could be and wanted it to be.

I will definitely be trying out the new things and seeing if I can break anything and let you know if I do.
will we have to reinstall ROR?
No, but configuration files between 0.4.8 RC1 and 0.4.7 are not fully compatible with each other, so when you go back to 0.4.7, you will need to delete ror.cfg and ogre.cfg and have 0.4.7's RoRConfig generate new files.
I am very happy that RoR is still alive. This new version is much better than I expected.
What I really like is reworked GUI, which now shows realistic power and torque values (sure, only if mod is done to have realistic performance, like these mods below) and all this new stuff.
I think this new version is definitely big step forward and I thank to all developers who contributed on this. (y)


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So been playing around a bit lately and have found a few problems.

-Sometimes if you switch to cameras every camera mode but interior is just black. It happens very randomly and cant seem to replicate it when I want to.
-I cant seem to get the Interaxle to work. Added it in different places in truck file and game still says that it doesn't have them.
-Game likes to crash if more then two vehicles and close enough to interact.(Truck, trailer, then drive a car close the the trailer game crashes)

Some other things
-Is the torque still split for every driven axle?(1000torque in truck file in game is saying 500)
-Is there a quick way to regen the cache?(Been just having to delete the cache file in documents)
idk if anyone has noticed or not but in this version I've noticed on the 2014 F250 & Thomas HDX School Bus the mirrors seem to be broken not sure if it was this version of the game or on my end just happen to notice it while testing this version if it is this version hope to see it fixed soon other then this I love this update and new features. screenshot_2019-01-10_15-25-45_1.jpgscreenshot_2019-01-10_15-26-09_1.jpg
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